Types of Water Treatment Plant

Water treatment services are use to remove all unwanted contaminants to re-utilize water. Filtration and disinfection are the processes which helps to get water clean and usable.

Lets go through some important services offered by companies involved in water treatment.

Wastewater Treatment Plant is common and most habitual application in water treatment. Unwanted contaminants are separated in this process from water. Sludge treatment and sewage treatment are the two vital processes which used in wastewater treatment plant. To know more click here

water treatment plant design

Sewage Treatment plant is same as wastewater comparatively used for smaller processes.  Sewage can be defined as mixture of  house hold waste and industrial liquid waste.  Small and large scale industries use this application to pull out pollutant factor from water. Click to read more about STP.

sewage treatment plant

Seawater treatment plants mainly used in as it named to treat seawater. The water comprises salt and inorganic. Membrane separation and some other methods like desalination mainly used to treat seawater. Seawater treatment is now in demand and in future it could be the necessity.

Ozonation is used as primary germicidal to purify water. Ozone is now extensively used after chlorine.  Doses can be uses as per need for ozonation. Ozone degrades most of the pesticides and other harmful chemicals from water. Most important is care has to be taken while operating and maintaining ozone generators.



Mobile water treatment is new invention by some of water treatment companies to provide small all in one package. Complete water treatment with reverse osmosis. This enables perfect use of water. This is most often get to see in small scale as it is less expensive and perfect.

Now a days world started facing pure water scarcity. Bottled water is being used by large number of population. For this demand water is been purified from every source. Getting sea water is easy for anybody. Purifying sea water with newest techniques and supplying worldwide. Demand of pure water is increasing day by day. This helps water treatment companies to run and grow their business successfully.

Eventually, water treatment services are  performing a crucial role in as far as environmental issue’s concerned. It has a big market that’s for sure. For more information click on link